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William Julié’s Law Firm is heading various new initiatives in the field of INTERPOL RED NOTICES and SCHENGEN ALERTS

William Julié’s Law Firm is heading various new initiatives in the field of INTERPOL Red Notices and SCHENGEN alerts. Many people are suffering from these two reporting and flagging systems (INTERPOL and SIS), and are seeking ways to have the alerts retrieved.  A significant number of cases involve people  who have fought extradition successfully but remain deprived of the right to travel freely (within or outside the U.E). READ MORE

‘Lebanese Connection’ drug trial to open in Paris

PARIS: Fifteen alleged members of a vast crime ring accused of laundering Colombian drug money through luxury jewelry and using shadowy middlemen from the Lebanese diaspora go on trial in Paris on Tuesday.

The chief defendant is Mohamad Noureddine, a 44-year-old Lebanese businessman with interests in real estate and jewelry.


Condemnation of France by the ECHR to pay 6,500,000 euros to a man handicapped following his arrest

By a judgement of 15 February 2018, definitive since 15 May 2018, the European Court of Human Rights has condemned France to pay 6,500,000 euros in respect of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage, and 39,950 euros in respect of costs and expenses, to a person who was ill-treated during an arrest by SNCF (French national railway company) security officers and the police, and who remains severely handicapped since then.


Cf. Cf. CEDH GHEDIR C. FRANCE, Rrequête n° 20579/12,


Admissibility and validity of an exception of nullity against an international arrest warrant issued by France

By a judgement of 11 January 2017, the French Cour de cassation(the Supreme Court of the judicial order), has ruled that a French investigating judge cannot issue a warrant of arrest against someone who lives abroad but is not on the run ; the person who is the object of such arrest warrant, extradited and tried by the French criminal court, can challenge the legality of such arrest warrant; the court must assess whether the arrest warrant was necessary and proportionate in light of the circumstances of the case.


Cf. Cour de cassation, criminelle, Chambre criminelle, 11 janvier 2017, 16-80.619, Publié au bulletin


ICC: Al Mahdi case: Appeals Chamber issues its judgments on reparations

On 8/3/2018, the ICC Appeals Chamber its judgment on reparations inthe Al Mahdi case, granting the Legal Representative of Victims’ appeal. It amended the Reparations Order on two points : (1) Applicants for individual reparations should be able to contest the decision taken by the Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) on their eligibility for individual reparations before the Trial Chamber; (2) Applicants who do not wish that their identities be disclosed to Mr Al Mahdi may nevertheless be considered for individual reparations, in which case their identities will be disclosed to the TFV.

Cf. ICC-01/12-01/15-259-Red2, Public redacted Judgment on the appeal of the victims against the “Reparations Order” READ MORE

ICC : Katanga case: Appeals Chamber issues its judgments on reparations

On 8/3/2018, the ICC Appeals Chamber issuedits judgment on reparations inthe Katanga case. It dismissed the appeals of Mr Katanga and of the Office of Public Counsel for Victims against the Trial Chamber Reparations Order. It granted in part the Legal Representative of Victims’ appeal. It directed the TC to assess anew the question of the causal nexus between the transgenerational harm alleged by 5 applicants and the crimes for which Mr Katanga was convicted.

Cf. ICC-01/04-01/07-3778-Red, Public redacted Judgment on the appeals against the order of Trial Chamber II of 24 March 2017 entitled “Order for Reparations pursuant to Article 75 of the Statute”


ICC : Bemba & all case: Appeals Chamber issues its judgments on verdict and sentence

On 8/3/2018, the ICC Appeals Chamber issued its judgment in the Bemba & all case. It rejected the appeals submitted by the 5 accused against their conviction but acquitted Mr Bemba, Kilolo and Mangenda of the charge of presenting evidence that a party knows is false or forged. It dismissed the Mr Bemba, Babala and Arido’s appeals against their sentence but granted the Prosecutor’s appeal. In particular, it found that the Trial Chamber did not have the power to impose suspended sentences. The Appeals Chamber reversed the sentences of Mr Bemba, Mangenda and Kilolo and remanded the matter to the Trial Chamber for a new determination.

Cf. ICC press release


ICC : New ICC Presidency elected for 2018-2021

On 11/3/2018, the ICC judges elected Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji (Nigeria) as President of the Court for a 3-year term with immediate effect, Judge Robert Fremr (Czech Republic) as First Vice-President and Judge Marc Perrin de Brichambaut (France) as Second Vice-President.

Cf. ICC press release


ICC: Surrender of Mr Al Hassan Ag Abdoul Aziz Ag Mohamed Ag Mahmoud to the Court

On 31/3/2018, Mr Al Hassan Ag Abdoul Aziz Ag Mohamed Ag Mahmoud was surrendered to the International Criminal Court by the Malian authorities and transferred to The Hague. He is suspected, according to a warrant of arrest issued by Pre‑Trial Chamber I of the ICC on 27 March 2018, of war crimes and crimes against humanity allegedly committed in 2012 and 2013 in Timbuktu, Mali.

Cf. ICC press release


OM: The ex-future director of the security of the club claims 700,000 euros

A policeman, who had signed a contract with the former management of the club to become director of security, claims today 700,000 euros before the labor courts. At the time, the signing of this contract presented a risk of conflict of interest as the judicial vacuum tightened around the club.

Faced with the OM, which ensures never having really wanted to recruit him, this policeman, Yannick Hivard, avails himself of a contract of employment signed in September 2015, in particular by the former general manager of the club Philippe Perez, but never executed, explained to AFP his lawyers Masters William Julié and Jean Baret.


Mr Thomas Lubanga Dyilo’s conviction

Following Mr Thomas Lubanga Dyilo’s conviction, in 2012, as co‑perpetrator of the war crimes of conscripting and enlisting children under the age of 15 in the DRC, to a total of 14 years’ imprisonment, the ICC Trial Chamber II, on 15/12/2017, issued a decision setting the amount of his liability for collective reparations at USD 10,000,000.  The Chamber assessed the harm suffered by 425 identified victims at USD 3,400,000 and assessed Mr Lubanga’s liability towards other victims who may be identified at USD 6,600,000, i.e. a total of USD 10,000,000.

In view of Mr Lubanga’s indigence, the TCII invited the Trust Fund for Victims to examine the possibility of allocating further funds for the implementation of collective reparations in this case.

Rome Statute of the ICC

The Assembly of States parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC, during its 16th session from 4 to 14 December 2017, adopted several resolutions pursuant to which, inter alia: – It decided to activate the jurisdiction of the Court over the crime of aggression as of 17 July 2018; – It amended article 8 of the Rome Statute to add three war crimes: employing microbial, biological or toxin weapons; employing weapons that injure by fragments undetectable by X-rays; and employing laser weapons; – it adopted the 2018 programme budget of the Court with appropriations totalling €147,431,500 and a staffing level of 972.

Read in Le Parisien: “Security: the recruitment that embarrasses the boss of OM” (May 16, 2016)

Excerpt from the Parisian: Under the status of assisted witness, the boss of the OM came out free and the two men exchanged their phone numbers. “Then they really became friends,” says Julié. My client was planning to retrain in the private sector and that’s how the hiring project at the club came about. It had absolutely nothing to do with the progress of the investigation.”