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The firm determines its fees transparently with its clients, depending on the nature and difficulty of the case, in conformity with the deontological principles relating to the legal profession (Decree 10th July 1971, Article 11).

The firm mainly invoices on a time-spent basis: all services and procedures are billed at the hourly rate previously agreed.

By way of indication, the firm’s hourly rates range from 150 to 200 euros excluding tax for paralegal work, 250 to 380 euros excluding tax for work carried out by associates pending seniority and 550 to 700 euros excluding tax for partner work.

If the procedure is sufficiently predictable with a low level of uncertainty, and if the services provided can be determined and quantified in advance, the firm and its client can agree upon a flat fee for the work involved.

According to a prior explicit agreement between the firm and its client, a success fee can also be applied, in addition to a fixed flat rate.