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The firm is also active in matters of restrictive measures of the UN, EU, domestic jurisdictions and represents the interests of natural and legal persons during judicial proceedings to obtain the removal from sanctions lists, in particular in the context of actions for annulment before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU).

It also engages with other EU institutions such as the Council and the Commission.

The firm also advises clients in order to evaluate how sanctions regimes may impact economic operations and assists them with obtaining the necessary licenses from competent administrative authorities.

The firm specializes in extradition (international or European arrest warrant proceedings), transfer of detainees, execution of sentences abroad, asset recovery and more generally in all cross-border judicial cooperation matters.

It has, on numerous occasions, successfully filed requests for the withdrawal of INTERPOL notices regarding important political figures, particularly in the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Asia.

The firm also assists non-governmental organizations for the prosecution of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

Over the past few years, it has developed a valuable expertise in legal matters involving States, both as an advisor and during judicial proceedings.

The firm is active in all areas of Criminal Law and able to respond to the needs of its clients at every stage of the proceedings (police inquiry, investigation, judgment, execution of sentences).

With more than 20 years of experience, it represents both defendants and victims before all courts.

The firm also represents and advises companies and their representatives in all areas of Criminal Business Law.

It has defended numerous directors and shareholders in financial and politico-financial criminal cases, Environmental Criminal Law proceedings and, more recently, in relation to business and Human Rights compliance issues.

The firm specializes in Human Rights issues, whether for private individuals, legal persons or governmental or non-governmental organizations.

It advises and represents its clients before all European and international forums (European Court of Human Rights, International Court of Justice, United Nations Committees and Working Groups, etc…).

The firm values its Human Rights expertise and, when necessary, is able to initiate legal actions in support of other procedures, whether arbitral, civil, or criminal.

The firm is also active in matters of Business Human Rights Law, pertaining to the protection of Human Rights and economic compliance.

The firm advises legal persons and their representatives in their commercial activities.

In particular, it assists its clients in negotiating and drafting all types of contracts and memorandums of understanding (under French or foreign law) and represents them before commercial courts.

The firm can also handle litigation between partners, and more generally coordinate corporate law claims with other related proceedings, including criminal ones.

Furthermore, the firm is also competent in matters of assets management. 

The firm assists individuals and entities in dealing with the full range of their personal or professional problems.

It handles issues of Family Law, including divorce proceedings, child custody, inheritance, but also administrative, regulatory and Public Law matters. 

The firm is also competent in Employment Law and the defense of employees and employers. In this field, it helps its clients to find amicable solutions but also represents them during employment courts proceedings.

Last but not least, it offers its services in Media Law and damage claims.