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“Pressure is mounting” as Russia faces widespread condemnation over alleged war crimes in Ukraine

Three weeks into Russia’s devastating assault that has drawn further condemnation from EU for alleged “war crimes”, France 24 is joined by William JULIÉ, a Franco-British Lawyer specializing in Human Rights and International Criminal Law.
“Pressure is mounting” on Russia explains Mr. JULIÉ: in addition to the ICC war crimes investigation, “we also just had a decision rendered by the ICJ urging Russia to stop the invasion”.
France 24’s Mark Owen immediately draws a parallel to the UN General Assembly resolution, overwhelmingly adopted two weeks ago, condemning the invasion and then asks Mr. JULIÉ if he does see the “hallmarks of what will turn into a human rights and war crimes case.” Mr. JULIÉ responds in the affirmative: “The prosecutor was in Ukraine last week and investigators are working on the scene. I’m sure that they have already gathered a lot of witness statements, a lot of technical evidence, and it seems absolutely obvious that war crimes have been committed. It’s a straightforward yes.”