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Ukraine Bucha Civilian Killings: ‘War crimes have been committed’ 

William Julié discusses the legal qualifications applicable to the crimes committed by the Russian army in Bucha.

Wars crimes are serious violation of the laws or customs of war as defined by international customary law and international treaties.
With what we have seen in Ukraine, it is quite clear that war crimes have been committed. The question is how the International Criminal Court is going to prosecute these crimes.
There is a lot of different actors who are working on the ground and collecting statements, pictures and scientific evidence.
The idea of a trial taking place before the war ends is new and important. It is also an additional element of pressure against Vladimir Poutine.
You don’t need Russia to be part of the Rome Statute in order to get a trial. Ukraine has made a voluntary declaration accepting the jurisdiction of the ICC. Thus, Russian officials can be prosecuted.