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New case against Mr Salim Jamil Ayyash before Trial Chamber II of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

On 16 September 2019, the STL Pre-Trial Judge lifted the confidentiality of his decision confirming an indictment against Mr Salim Jamil Ayyash, marking the beginning of a second proceeding before the STL.

The indictment, dated 14 June 2019, alleges that Mr. Ayyash is involved in the 1 October 2004 attack against Marwan Hamade, the 21 June 2005 attack against Georges Hawi and the 12 July 2005 attack against Elias El-Murr. These attacks were found to be “connected” to the 14 February 2005 attack. These attacks constitute a new case, STL-18-10.


The judges of the Trial Chamber II appointed to rule on the merits of this case are: Judge Walid Akoum of Lebanon; Judge Nicola Lettieri of Italy; and Judge Anna Bednarek of Poland.


In the first trial before the STL, the Ayyash et al. case, deliberations and judgment drafting are underway since September 2018 when the closing arguments were heard.


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