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William Julié to co-chair a panel on Encrypted communications at the 22nd IBA Transnational Crime Conference on 17 May 2019

William Julié, active member of the International Bar Association, will co-chair a panel entitled “Encrypted communications – WhatsApp, privacy, freedom of expression & de-territorialisation of data” at the next IBA Transnational Crime Conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Electronic data lies at the heart of modern life. It also lies at the heart of modern crime and, therefore, the detection of crime. With each advance in technology there is a corresponding development in crime that exploits that technology and a reaction by law enforcement to combat that crime. Honest people want to keep their data private and safe from criminals. Criminals want to keep their communications out of reach of law enforcement. Governments want to equip law enforcement with effective tools to address modern technology. Lawyers have to understand both the technology and the rules that surround it.


This panel will look at the approach taken by law enforcement and criminal justice to electronic data and consider the following questions: 

• How safe is our data? 

• Given the use of sophisticated encryption, how does law enforcement go about obtaining access to such data? 

• Given the multi-jurisdictional nature of data, how can law enforcement effectively obtain data held abroad? 

• What is the future? 


Session Co-Chairs: 

Jonathan Grimes Kingsley Napley, London; Publications Officer, IBA Business Crime Committee 

William Julie W J Avocats, Paris 



Robyn Greene Privacy Policy Manager, Law Enforcement Access and Data Protection, Facebook Inc, Washington, DC 

Dylan G Moses K&L Gates, London 

William Odom Director, Forensic Risk Alliance, Plano, TX 

Eric Snyder Jones Day, São Paulo 


See the complete program of the Conference at


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