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Ukraine: the first Russian soldier tried for war crimes

William JULIÉ believes that in opening a trial while the conflict is still ongoing, which is a world premiere, Ukraine is once again winning a communication battle against Russia.
The speed of the opening of this trial does not affect the quality of the case, a case that has been thoroughly investigated by a large team of Ukrainian and international investigators and that seems pretty simple in light of the facts and the confession of the accused. Moreover, we should trust the justice of democratic states, especially since the international attention given to this trial obliges Ukraine to avoid the interference of debates by emotion.
Even if Russia continues to deny that it attacked hospitals and schools without military motive, there is little doubt that there is evidence to the contrary.
Today, it is feared that Russia will engage in retaliatory mirror measures by opening its own trials against Ukrainian nationals for similar crimes. It is up to its communications advisors to show the world that its justice system respects the principles of a fair trial.