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Statement following the Russian legal service ban by the EU

The firm WJ Avocats denounces the Council of the EU's decision dated 6 October 2022 in the context of the war against Ukraine to forbid lawyers to provide legal advisory services to legal persons, entities or bodies established in Russia, in breac...

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ECBA Statement on Mutual Recognition of Extradition Decisions

The ECBA outlines several issues in European extradition law such as the lack of effective access to SIS and INTERPOL’s systems and of mutual recognition of decisions on surrender or extradition. In practice, it means that a person who has won the...

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Guideline on the Strategic Use of UN Human Rights Mechanisms for Syria

The Guideline on the Strategic use of UN Human Rights Mechanisms for Syria identifies the mechanisms to be invoked to provide Syrian lawyers and activists with the tools and keys to understanding.

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A case for the creation of a harmonized European remedy against abusive SIS alerts


Over the past few years, the European Union has seen attacks on the independence of several Member States’ judicial authori...

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From a political to a judicial approach to extradition: A case for the consolidation of the requesting State’s rights in domestic extradition procedures

William Julie, Sophie Menegon, and Juliette Fauvarque

Volume 12, Issue 3 of New Journal of European Criminal Law

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The rule against the extradition of nationals: overview and perspectives

What is the essence of the rule against the extradition of nationals? In which cases and across which States does it apply?

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Brexit and the protection of fundamental rights during extradition proceedings

The entry into force of the Agreement on cooperation between the United Kingdom and the European Union (hereinafter “EU”) has led to a decrease of certain rights for wanted individuals, but should not in principle, have c...

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Brexit consequences regarding international criminal cooperation

On 31 January 2020, the United Kingdom officially left the European Union (« EU »). The transition period provided for by the Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU («the Withdrawal Agreement »), du...

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COVID-19 : Potential Legal Actions Against China

This article intends to identify the legal actions which have or could be led against China in order to render this State accountable for the damages caused by the COVID-19. Several proceedings have already been initiated...

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